Rumble tuff The Sweet Assist
Rumble tuff The Sweet Assist
Rumble tuff

Rumble tuff The Sweet Assist

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The Rumble Tuff Sweet Assist is a small, adjustable, and portable manual pump. It can be assembled as a traditional manual pump by snapping the manual handle directly onto the bottle, or the manual handle can be snapped into the Sweet Assist handle assembly, giving you greater freedom of movement and less hand and shoulder strain while pumping.

The innovative Sweet Assist Handle is separate from the pump’s Expression Collection Combo Kit. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and to operate. It also fits well in smaller hands. This special feature alleviates the muscle fatigue that is usually associated with traditional manual pump operation. It also allows a helper’s assist in some circumstances.

Like other Rumble Tuff electric breast pumps, the Sweet Assist provides two expression options and adjustable vacuum strength to customize your milk expression so you can mimic your baby’s nursing pattern. The Vacuum Adjusting Knob allows quick and easy adjustment of the suction strength, and the release of the vacuum pressure.

The Sweet Assist Manual Breast Pump comes with a 120-day warranty (wearable accessories excluded). Warranty information can be found in the User Manual.

BPA free.
Two Configurations
The Sweet Assist Handle is designed to address fatigue and muscle strain commonly found in using traditional manual pumps. The ergonomic design of this unique handle provides a better fit for mothers with smaller hands or hand or arm injuries.
Mothers can use the pump one-handed or two-handed, left-handed or right-handed with the convertible Sweet Assist Handle, or it can provide a unique bonding opportunity for an assisting partner.

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