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Snug-A-Hug pillow clearance sale items already comes with:
  • 1 Snug-A-Hug pillow
  • 1 Snug-A-Hug pillow cover random color 
The clearance items have minor issues that will surely WON'T EFFECT “form and function” (issues can be a small stain, logo misprints, etc)
This is a perfect chance for you to double up your Snug-A-Hug pillow stash and give it to the person who always wants to swoop in to your Snug-A-Hug whenever you turned your back for a second!
So if you’re not too OC this is the best deal for you! Still best bang for your buck! 
Pillow covers are MATCHED RANDOMLY.

Product description:

  • Special Pillow
  • Size(cm): 132 x 74
  • Jersey knit cotton covers
  • Made of US Cotton blend and filled with high quality synthetic fibers
  • Best for Pregnant women, Nursing moms and picky sleepers
  • Full back support, allows you to correct your posture while sleeping
  • Maternity Pillow, Post-op pillow and nursing pillow. All-in-one.
  • Snug-a-hug is an everyday pillow and can be used by anybody.

Snug-a-hug is a special pillow used primarily by expecting moms, nursing mothers, recuperating patients and the like, but generally this product can be used on a daily basis by anyone or anybody who just love a decent sleep!

Did you know that Snug-a-hug is so versatile, you can do a lot of position by simply switching from one point to another. Its perfect for men and women, elderly and children as well! Definitely "your not-so-ordinary total body pillow"

Can be used as:
• Maternity / pregnancy pillow
• Nursing pillow
• Post-op pillow
• Everyday Pillow